Dutch developer Orangepixel – a one-man studio founded in 2004 – has announced plans to bring their back catalogue to Switch. The studio favours pixel art shooters and platformers, which have been supported with updates over the years to keep them fresh.

First up is Meganoid, a randomly generated sci-fi platformer with anti-gravity-boots, jetpacks, hidden areas, and hackable turrets. It’s due out 8th September on the eShop for £8.99.

Other games in Orangepixel’s catalogue include the chaotic run and gunner Gunslugs, the twin-stick dungeon crawler Heroes of Loot, and the top-down Roguelike Space Grunts.

You may be familiar with some of these already – in addition to PC, Gunslugs was available on 3DS while Heroes of Loot made it to PS Vita. Most received sequels too.

Interestingly, all their games are set in the same universe, complete with a timeline spanning different eras and involving time travel.