Bloody Hell! ‘90s throwback shooter Hellbound is out now on PC

If you’re done with DOOM Eternal, Hellbound may pique your interest – it’s a fast-paced first-person shooter inspired by DOOM, Quake and similar late ‘90s shooters. Guts, gristle, and demons galore.

Best of all, it’s available now – Hellbound launched on Steam yesterday for £11.39. A 20% discount is also in place during launch week, making the modest price tag even lower.

This blood-soaked shooter includes seven campaign levels, four survival arenas, eight enemy classes, five heavy weapons – including a triple shotgun – a trio of power-ups, and a wealth of secrets.

In a typical ’90s shooter fashion, the story takes a backseat to allow for the relentless shooting. You play as Hellgore, who’s simply tasked with tearing up Hell.

“After our successful Kickstarter campaign and Survival Mode over two years ago, we’re so excited to finally open up the gates of Hell to fans of old school FPS games and straight-up carnage. We can’t wait to watch the blood drip from Hellgore’s hands as gamers demolish demons to their hearts’ content,” said Saibot Studios’ Tobias Rusjan.

Check out the swear-filled trailer below:

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