Hyperactive shooter Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire comes to Xbox One this Friday

If you remember the days when the PlayStation 2 was the must-have system for arcade-style shooters – with such games as Strikers 1945, Raiden V, and Steel Dragon EX turning up on budget labels – then chances are you’ll remember the Castle of Shikigami series, aka Mobile Light Force 2.

Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire is the spiritual successor, not just developed by the original team (Alfa System) but also featuring the return of a core character. After launching on PS4 and Switch earlier this year, it’s now set to arrive on Xbox One this Friday.

This hyperactive vertical shooter is built around the ‘Tension Bonus System’ – the ability to increase firepower by flying close to incoming bullets. Stages are short – an entire run only takes around 20 minutes – but it’s designed with score-chasing in mind. One credit runs are entirely possible, and the set-up is geared towards achieving this with all kinds of stats and leaderboards to monitor.

On a system which doesn’t receive Japanese shooters too often, this is one to look out for.

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