Hands-on with Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

This upcoming PC point and click revival knows how to make a good first impression. The art direction has an amazing cartoon style, slightly – and purposely – distorted by a dreamlike bubble lens. It’s really eye-catching, unquestionably helping to draw you in.

It also manages to immerse with its story. Our tale stars Willy Morgan, the son of the late archaeologist Henry Morgan. On the tenth anniversary of his father’s mysterious disappearance, Willy receives a letter written by his dad before he went missing. The redhaired hero then heads to the unfortunately named Bone Town to unravel the truth.

“If you receive this letter, it means that something went wrong
and it’s up to you to finish what I started. Go as fast as you can
to Bone Town, room 09, but don’t trust anyone…”

Set in a fantasy world which mixes pirates with modern technology, you can freely roam in a non-linear fashion or use the map to travel between locations. Dialogue often raises a grin, not just when talking to characters but also when examining items.

Speaking of items, combining objects together to reach a solution is a common occurrence. This adds a degree of depth, and it really made me think at certain points. If you do get stuck, all interactive objects can be highlighted with the push of a button. A contemporary touch.

The music changes from one location to the next, going from sea shanties in the pirate town to eerie melodies when something sinister is nearby. Developers imaginarylab have some work to do with the voice acting though – Willy lost his voice a few times in this preview build.

While too early to tell how long the experience will last, I already have some concerns regarding replay value – there are no collectables, and some locations are soon left in the past with no reason to return.

I did however notice some neat Easter eggs which will please point and click fans – a telling sign that the developers are well-versed with the classics. A very good sign, in fact.

Packed full of mystery and intrigue, this classic adventure will appeal to long-time genre fans as well as those looking for something easy-going and humorous to jump into.

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town is coming to Steam later this year.  

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