The comeback kid! Alex Kidd in Miracle World revival revealed

Merge Games has revealed Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, a remake of the SEGA Master System original with Spanish studio Jankenteam at the helm.

All signs point to Jankenteam using the excellent Dragon’s Trap remake as a blueprint – it sports similar lavishly animated art and the ability to switch to a “recreated” version of the original.  

Fancy visuals aren’t the only selling point, as the 8-bit revival also boasts extra levels with expanded lore, improved boss battles, a boss rush mode (for “non-stop” rock, paper, scissors action) and improved combat mechanics. Both new and remastered music tracks will also feature.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World is often referred to as the pinnacle of the series, even trouncing his Mega Drive adventure. A platformer ahead of its time, it featured a handful of vehicle-based stages, puzzles, underwater levels, and the ability to spend cash on single use items. Knowing the best time and place to use these added a layer of depth, allowing for experimentation.

While perhaps not too well known in the US, it was a very popular game in Europe – SEGA built the game into early Master System II hardware, coining the infamous phrase “With Alex Kidd built in!” It was then replaced with Sonic the Hedgehog towards the end of the system’s lifecycle, forevermore ushering the former mascot into the shadows.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is due out Q1 2021 on PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC. The Steam page is already live, where you can find a few extra screenshots and GIFs.

Matt Gander

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