SEGA reveals minuscule ‘Game Gear Micro’ range – four systems featuring four games each

The Game Gear Micro is the latest in the long line of miniaturised systems, revealed earlier this morning as part of SEGA’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

SEGA Japan has opted for four different colour models, roughly 40% the size of the original, with each featuring four games. The colourful collectables are due out in Japan 6th October, priced 4980 Yen (around £40) a pop.

A ‘Big Window’ screen magnifier will also be available at launch. Considering the screen is barely an inch in size (240×180 pixels), this accessory is bound to be in high demand.

The original black model features Sonic the Hedgehog, OutRun, Puyo Puyo, and Royal Stone (aka Crystal Warriors) – a well-rounded assortment.

The yellow model is Shining Force centric, including three Shining Force RPGs along with Nazo Puyo: Arle no Roux – a Puyo Puyo spin-off. The red unit goes big on RPGs too, including Atlus’ Last Bible (part of the Megami Tensei series) and its sequel, the much loved GG Shinobi and good old Columns.

It’s the pale blue model that gets our attention, featuring Sonic & Tails (Sonic Chaos), underrated puzzler Baku Baku Animal, little-known RPG Sylvan Tail, and M2’s impressive conversion of Gunstar Heroes.

The teeny tiny handheld can be powered by 2 AA batteries or via a USB lead. Keeping true to the original, there’s a headphone jack and the speaker remains mono.

Reception on social media has been somewhat mixed, with many gamers feeling that it’s simply far too small, which in turn will make it uncomfortable to use for long periods. This has seemingly reduced it to the status of being a ‘neat little collectable’ and nothing more. A slightly larger system containing all 16 games would have been a more appealing proposition.

Plans for a western version are still to be announced. If SEGA decides to release something similar in the west, we can expect a vastly different game assortment at the very least.

Matt Gander

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