Out this week: Ion Fury, Huntdown, Dungeon of the Endless, Potata: fairy flower, Island Saver, more

Everything old is new again. This week sees the console release of Ion Fury, a new first-person shooter from 3D Realms, created using Build – the engine which powered Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior and a handful of other well-regarded ‘90s shooters.

The PC version of Ion Fury from 2019 gained high praise from critics, including a 9.0 from GameInformer. “More than just a throwback to frenzied ‘90s shooters, Ion Fury is a fantastic game filled with creative weaponry, oodles of humor, and memorable levels,” they said.

Sticking with the retro theme, Huntdown is a gritty run ‘n gun shooter starring a ragtag bunch of bounty hunters, out to clean the grimy city streets. We’ve seen countless pixel art games recently, and this is easily the most impressive. The co-op mode looks like a blast too – the trailer shows one player throwing a grenade while the other bats it into a crowd of street punks. We’re hoping for more examples of teamwork in the full game.

Then there’s Dungeon of the Endless, published by good old SEGA. Yes, it’s another top-down dungeon crawler with pixel art. This one goes beyond its peers, however, throwing a bunch of different mechanics into the mix, all of which reportedly work harmoniously. Like Ion Fury, it arrived on PC some time ago to positive reviews.

We aren’t out the retro woods yet – Potata: fairy flower, in all its lower caps non-glory, is a 2D platform puzzler with adventure game elements. This too throws a lot of ideas into one bag – it features tricky platforming stages, increasingly tough puzzles – which riff on Lights Out and Tetris – boss battles, RPG-style quests, and a few panic-inducing chase scenes. Again, it’s a mix that works. Take a look at today’s review.

Other new releases include sporting update Super Mega Baseball 3, Atari’s role-player PONG Quest, and EMMA: Lost in Memories – a 2D puzzle platformer in which platforms and walls start disappearing once touched.

There’s a new free-to-play release due out too – Island Saver, the trailer of which reminds us of Slime Rancher, is published by Natwest Bank and holds a degree of educational value. Somewhat ironically, it contains DLC.

New release showcase


Ion Fury

Super Mega Baseball 3

Dungeon of the Endless

Island Saver

Potata: fairy flower

New multiformat releases

  • Ion Fury
  • Island Saver
  • EMMA: Lost in Memories            
  • Huntdown
  • Thy Sword
  • Super Mega Baseball 3
  • Potata: fairy flower
  • Tacticool Champs

New on PSN

  • Dungeon of the Endless
  • Final Assault
  • PONG Quest

New Switch retail releases

  • Shmup Collection
  • Finding Teddy 2 Definitive Edition
  • Super Kickers League Ultimate
  • Bibi & Tina at the Horse Farm
  • Bibi & Tina: Adventures with Horses

New on Xbox One store

  • Deep Rock Galactic 1.0

Next week: Saints Row The Third: Remastered, Maneater, Golf With Your Friends, The Persistence, Pixel Ripped 1995, Monstrum, Edge Of Eternity, The Wonderful 101: Remastered, and GORN.

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