12 Labours of Hercules

This simple yet charming time management game involves accompanying the mighty Hercules on a quest to save his kidnapped wife from Hades. Once outlined, the story pretty much takes a backseat, leaving you to repair roads, construct farms, slay various beasts and encounter other mythological heroes. That’s the gameplay loop, in a nutshell.

As simple, relaxing, experiences go, this one does a good job of drawing you in.

Set over a single screen, most of the time is spent controlling the servants of Hercules as they gather resources and clear the path ahead for the legendary hero. Four types of resources feature – food, wood, stone and cold hard cash. Most are required to clear away debris within each level, with Hercules only stepping in occasionally to lift a boulder or two.

One neat feature is that you don’t have to wait for the workers to finish their tasks before assigning them another, which lets you plan in advance. Boss battles also appear every 10 levels, and in-game achievements unlock throughout the journey.

The hand-drawn visuals hold much appeal, boasting amusing character animations. The music did, however, become a little repetitive for my liking.

In all honesty, there isn’t much else to say. There is no complex story to push things forward or anything in the way of deep and involving gameplay mechanics – it’s a casual experience which doesn’t take long to learn or master.

If you’re up for something relaxing, maybe give this a try – it’s easy on the eye and can be addictive. Herc has never been so harmless.


Rachel Hobbs

Rachel is a gamer and cat enthusiast, who when not studying criminology, enjoys walking her cat and streaming gaming sessions on Twitch.

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