If you are looking for a multiplayer arena shooter with appealing cartoon design and a catchy soundtrack, look no further. This 2D bullet-dodging shootout is a perfect four-player couch game to play with friends. Online play is available too, so you don’t have to worry about pestering your nearest and dearest to play.  

Local and online play allows you to pick any map, whereas single-player lets you shoot your way through waves of enemies to unlock a new location. Although single-player mode doesn’t have a story to follow, it’s still a good way to get used to the controls before you try and dominate your friends with your sharpshooting skills.

Speaking of controls, I was immediately put off using a mouse and keyboard. Using a controller feels far more natural. Even so, I was initially confused by the button choices as the right trigger is used to not shoot but to dash, which uses up a bullet. You only have 6 bullets before you must restock using the ammo boxes in the level, incidentally, which take time to refill.

When a bullet gets close a pink slow-mo bubble appears around you, giving a chance to decide how to escape your impending doom. It is a cool concept. Sadly, the excitement wears off quickly.

One level involves using portals, which you can jump or shoot through in hope of hitting one of your beloved friends. I played this with my sister and most of the time we stood there trying to awkwardly aim with the analogue sticks (which is a bit of a pain) to try and shoot the bullets off one another. It does work, and can be satisfying, but it’s all rather short-lived.

The graphics have a fun modern cartoon style, and each level has different design elements such as spikes and walls. Given how little content there is, it’s strange things are not animated more fluidly. It’s also disappointing that there are no power-ups, upgrades, and no variety in modes. Slow-mo shooting is all it has to offer.

Retimed is best played with friends – if you can get a four-player game going, I can guarantee a good time, no pun intended. The lack of content here is easily the biggest flaw, but I can see myself jumping back in if the developers ever plan an update.