Out this week: Predator: Hunting Grounds, Trials of Mana, MotoGP 20, Stranded Deep, more

Alien Isolation managed to live up its potential, delivering an experience worthy of the license. It’s hoped the Sony-published Predator: Hunting Grounds will also stick close to its source material to provide an authentic experience. It certainly can’t be any worse than Predator 2 on Mega Drive.

It’s heading into a somewhat crowded field, being an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter similar to Evolve, Dead by Daylight, Friday The 13th: The Game. Not that anyone plays Evolve any more, mind.

The recent beta had some technical and visual shortcomings, but most gamers found the core concept of a lone Predator stalking soldiers compelling. Hopefully it does enough different from the pack. IGN posted 9 minutes of gameplay footage on YouTube, should you want to take a closer look.

Hot on the heels of Final Fantasy VII Remake comes Trials of Mana – Square-Enix’s second JRPG remake of the month. It brings a new lease of life to 1995’s Seiken Densetsu 3, rebuilt in 3D and featuring over 60 arranged music tracks. Unlike FFVII Remake, it’s heading to both PS4 and Switch. You may struggle to find a retail release, however, due to the obvious reason.

The same goes for MotoGP 20, due out both digitally and at retail on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. This year’s edition sees the return of the Managerial Career mode while enhancements include smarter AI, improved physics, enhanced lighting and weather effects, and graphic editors for helmet stickers et al. You’ll find gameplay footage below.

Survival sim Stranded Deep comes as a surprise – it was originally due to be published by Telltale, and consequently feared lost. Turns out the past year or so has been spent purchasing back the console rights, as well as ongoing development. Here, you play as a plane crash survivor struggling for survival on a tropical island. This means crafting tools, building a shelter, and fighting off wild animals, both on land and at sea.

Deliver Us The Moon is another that has faced a delay, originally due out in January. This sci-fi thriller entails a lone astronaut on a critical mission to save humanity from extinction. The PC version went down reasonably well. As a bonus, it’s heading straight to Xbox One Game Pass.

The monochrome Metroidvania Gato Roboto also launches on Xbox One Game Pass this week. It was well-received on Switch and PC roughly a year ago. A tad short and uninspired but lovingly put together was the general consensus.

Others to consider include the 1917-set Siberian survival game Help Will Come Tomorrow, gothic literary RPG Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition, and the Xbox One scrolling beat’em up Brutal Rage. In regard to that last title, it might be worth bearing in mind that Streets of Rage 4 is just a week away.

New release showcase

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Trials of Mana

MotoGP 20

Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition

Help Will Come Tomorrow

Spuds Unearthed

Deliver Us The Moon

New multiformat releases

  • MotoGP 20
  • Stranded Deep
  • Obey Me
  • Help Will Come Tomorrow
  • Deliver Us The Moon
  • Archaica: The Path Of Light

New on PSN

  • Predator: Hunting Grounds
  • Trials of Mana
  • Wonder Blade
  • Aces of the Multiverse
  • Spuds Unearthed
  • 1971 Project Helios
  • Dungeon of the Endless                            
  • Roundguard
  • Guard Duty
  • Troubleshooter
  • Yumeutsutsu Re:After

New on Xbox One store

  • Gato Roboto
  • Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition
  • War Theatre
  • Doug Hates His Job
  • Quest Hunter
  • Quern – Undying Thoughts

New Switch retail releases

  • Trials of Mana
  • MotoGP 20
  • Goosebumps
  • Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers
  • Real Heroes: Firefighter
  • Headsnatchers
  • Degrees of Separation

Next week: Streets of Rage 4, Daymare: 1998, Sakura Wars, SnowRunner, Moving Out, Dread Nautical, The Inner Friend, Commandos 2 / Praetorians HD Remaster Double Pack, Arcade Spirits, Shred! 2 – ft Sam Pilgrim, Crawlers And Brawlers, Active Neurons – Puzzle game, Levelhead, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered (Xbox One), Super Toy Cars 2, and Miden Tower.

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