THOTH, 140, Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters, and AO Tennis 2 hit the Switch

If you’re feeling the pinch this January, worry not – the trusty Switch eShop has your back, with a handful of new releases available for a pittance.

Abstract duo THOTH and 140 come from Jeppe Carlsen, the creative mind behind indie hit Limbo. 140 isn’t exactly a spring chicken, first released on PC in 2013. It’s a challenging minimalistic platformer which went on to win various awards.

GameSpace handed this new Switch release a 7.8: “140 is calculatingly smart, exceedingly challenging, and an all-around musical marvel,” they said.

THOTH is a tad newer, initially launching on PC in 2016. This too features minimalistic visuals, playing more like a twin-stick shooter. GameSpace felt it was worth an 8.0, while Pure Nintendo dealt out a 7.5. “While lacking in certain areas, THOTH remains a really fun game at a very affordable price. Pick it up,” was their verdict.

Then there’s the side-scrolling mini golf game Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball, which will currently set you back all of 44p. Visually it looks reasonably accomplished, and the ‘mostly positive’ reviews on Steam suggest it’s worthy of your time (and pocket change).

Elsewhere this week there’s the full price AO Tennis 2. It goes big on new features, adding community creations, legendary tournaments, customisable scenarios and more. It’s also due a physical release towards the end of the month.

Other new releases include the top0down racer Ultimate Racing 2D, which boasts 45 tracks and 8 player support, and the physics-based brawler Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters which has both local and online play. It looks like Sir Eatsalot provides some good silly fun too.

The full eShop list can be found below, including a new release for 3DS – horror adventure Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars. The Wii U is due a new release next week, amazingly, in the form of the crude-looking 3D platformer Regina & Mac.

New Switch eShop releases

AO Tennis 2 – £48.69

Use the comprehensive Academy editing suite to create a player just like YOU as well as your own courts, or you can download thousands of community creations.

See how you compare to the big names on the ATP & WTA circuits, including Rafael Nadal, Ash Barty, Angelique Kerber and many more.

Set out to conquer the world rankings in a singles career or in doubles with a friend. Manage your Reputation, sponsors and performance to reach the top.

140 – £4.49

140 is an IGF award-winning rhythm platformer with a minimalistic style and abstract, colorful graphics. Use the rhythm to overcome challenging obstacles controlled by an energetic electronic soundtrack.

THOTH – £4.49

From the creator of the award-winning ‘140’ comes THOTH, an intense and challenging arcade shooter. Each stage will put your puzzle solving and finesse to the test, as the arena changes, surprising you with new mechanics to wrap your mind around.

Arcade Archives EXERION – £6.29

“EXERION” is a shooting game released by JALECO in 1983.

Players must grapple with the inertial force of their fighter within a pseudo-3D space all while properly using dual and single beam weapons to destroy incoming enemies.

Mirror – £8.09

This is a game that combines match-3, GALGAME elements and beauties. If you want to learn more about those beauties, you need to win against them first. How the story goes is choice-based, so your choices will ultimately decide their fate.

Sir Eatsalot – £11.69

You are the righteous and corpulent Sir Eatsalot. Sally forth on an epic quest to track down Hysterica, a mean old sorceress who has poisoned Gluttington Kingdom with sour lemonade, and put an end to her shenanigans in this mouthwatering adventure platformer.

Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball – 89p

Each time you play, you improve your skill which enables you to finish the challenge in fewer movements.

If you like challenging games and mini-golf games, this is certainly for you!

Technosphere – £13.49

Control the TECHNOSPHERE, roll, jump, balance, solve puzzles and go through the mazes.

Atlas Corporation is mining crystals in the core of an asteroid in the orbit of the Earth.

Due to a failure in the asteroid systems, orbit correction was disabled.

Only the TECHNOSPHERE is able to reload the asteroid system and restore the orbit.

You have 10 hours to save the earth from disaster!

Cooking Tycoons – 3 in 1 Bundle – £11.69

Cook tons of delicious meals from all over the world and become the best chef in the city!

Cook hundreds of tasty dishes with all the possible kitchen appliances and countless ingredients!

Aborigenus – £4.49

Invaders enslaved your peaceful tribe. The best fighters were sent to save your beloved and relatives but nobody ever returned. It’s now your turn to save the flying islands from the enemy. Choose who you are – a shaman, a warrior or a hunter. You are the last hope of your fellow tribesmen.

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters – £8.99

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters is a physics based fighting game. Maniacally laugh to insane ragdolls both locally & online.

Flail around in intoxicated fury as you take down your enemies with a variety of techniques and melee weapons. Howl in a drunken rage as you team up with your friends or beat them to a pulp in multiple game modes.

Invisible Fist – £8.99

Inequality has skyrocketed! It’s now the highest in over a century. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer while the middle class disappears. Your play affects dozens of your character’s stories. You will deal with IRS investigation of your offshore accounts. Try to avoid a second shift in the local cafe. Or having to get money to see your family for holidays for the first time in years. Let’s find out how it goes!

Blackmoor 2 – £7.99

Experience a platformer with genre defining beat-em-up combat based on classics from the 90s. Journey through the world via story mode or traverse player made dungeons with up to 4 players co-operative play! Or if you wish, challenge your friends to an old school style street fight in the VS mode!

Ultimate Racing 2D – £8.99

Ultimate Racing 2D is the ultimate top-down racing game, with 35 racing classes, over 45 tracks, career mode, championship mode and local multiplayer.

Make your way from Karts to Formula Racing in the extensive career mode, play local multiplayer with up to 8 players or create your own custom championship. Race on 45+ international tracks from all continents. Besides Road Courses the game contains Ovals, Dirt Ovals, Historic Tracks, Karting Circuits, and Ice Speedway Tracks.

Planetary Defense Force – £3.99

Suit up, engage all of your defenses, pick a weapon and wait for aliens to come. As part of a Planetary Defense Force (PDF), you are tasked with protecting planets in this unique mix of twin-stick shooter, tower defense and city builder game.

Move between the planet and defense sphere during the assault to manage both towers on top and economics back on the planet.

Defend against many types of monsters and huge bosses.

New on 3DS eShop

Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars – £19.99

Silver Falls offers a suspenseful, tensely paced Storyline Campaign for players looking for a classic, survival horror challenge. When players want to flex some muscle, the Frontier Fighters game mode features RPG style loot collecting, leveling up, skill customization, and weapon upgrading.

Next week: Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore, Jump Gunners, Squidlit, Adventure Pinball Bundle, Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo, Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea DX, Demolish & Build 2018, Maitetsu: Pure Station, Super Crush KO, Regina & Mac (for Wii U!), and Sorry, James.

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