New Royal Mail collection celebrates classic UK video games

Royal Mail are jumping on the retro gaming bandwagon with a range of stamps, postcards and other collectables celebrating UK designed video games.

Seasoned journalist Julian ‘Jaz’ Rignal provides a synopsis on each, presumably having a say on which games should make the cut.

The Tomb Raider series is a focal point, with a collector’s set of stamps featuring scenes from various Tomb Raider games old and new.

It looks like we can expect to see Tomb Raider stamps in regular 1st class stamp books too, so if you see Lara Croft adorning a letter from your dear old nan you’ll know why.

A total of eight retro games are being immortalised in stamp form: Elite, Dizzy, Populous, Lemmings, Micro Machines, Sensible Soccer, Wipeout and Worms.

The range, set to launch 21st January, is surprisingly vast including a postcard set for £5.85, a presentation pack (£14.25), and a framed set (£29.99). The full assortment can be found here.

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