Nintendo sneaks The Stretchers onto the Switch eShop

Nintendo dropped a surprise new release on the eShop earlier today. As if the Switch’s winter line-up wasn’t busy enough, eh?

The Stretchers comes from Tarsier Studios – the minds behind Little Nightmares (and its upcoming sequel), as well as various PlayStation projects including LittleBigPlanet DLC.

The colourful co-op caper puts you in control of two medics out to rescue injured citizens – known as Dizzies – from various bizarre and humorous situations.

It seems it’s a game of two halves: arcade-like ambulance driving, with plenty of reckless smashing and crashing, and rescue sequences entailing carting the Dizzies to safety on a stretcher, solving puzzles and overcoming hazards along the way.

Additional challenges also feature, including cutting down trees, building camps, and impromptu games of hide and seek. These unlock new hats and outfits. Customisation options don’t end there, as the HQ can also be kitted out with new items.

Nintendo clearly thought it was an ideal fit for the Switch, and it’s easy to see why due to the co-op nature and goofy premise. Dare we say there’s a slight whiff of Crazy Taxi to the driving element, too.

Lots more details and screenshots can be found here.  

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