THE NINJA SAVIORS – Return of the Warriors on track for a European release next week

If you’re hankering for some classic side-scrolling arcade action THE NINJA SAVIORS – Return of the Warriors, launching 30th August on PS4 and Switch in Europe, has you covered.  

A worldwide simultaneous launch was originally planned but due to “unforeseen logistical challenges” the US release has been pushed back until 15th October. To compensate, the physical release will contain some undisclosed extra items.

The Ninja Warriors made its arcade debut in 1987 before making its way to the home consoles of the era. The arcade cabinet boasted three widescreen displays, helping it stand out from the crowd. In 1994 it also received a highly regarded SNES sequel, which added a new character.

Now, some 25 years later, it’s about to gain a Wild Guns Reloaded-style reboot by the original development team, adding new enemies, revamped sound, online rankings, and improved animation. Two new playable characters also feature: Yaksha, a female android with telescopic arms, and Raiden – a screen-filling android.

ININ Games has prepared a new ‘extra-large’ six-minute-long trailer detailing what to expect.

The physical release is available to pre-order on Amazon, currently priced £25.99 on PS4 and Switch. The Switch eShop page is also live, revealing a £16.99 price tag.

Matt Gander

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