EasySMX‘s VIP2002s RGB headset boasts style and sturdiness with minimal bulk

Back in March we put one of EasySMX’s budget gaming headsets through its paces and were impressed with the result. Their £15-£20 ‘Cool 2000’ model offered sound and build quality that far exceeded expectation, retailing for less than the basic official Xbox One headset while offering more functionality. Four months on, it’s still our go-to. 

This time we’re looking at one of the peripheral manufacture’s mid-tier options. The EasySMX VIP2002s RGB wired headset currently retails for $35 (£28), and it’s immediately obvious that it’s a step-up from their budget range, featuring a studier headband and a stylish finish.

The ‘RGB’ part of the title refers to the patented, colour cycling, dials found on each earpiece. The dial on the right speaker is used to cycle through a range of neon circular LEDs, all of which are bright and eye-catching. Alternatively, there’s the option for an automated cycle which changes every few seconds. It’s a neat feature allowing a degree of personalisation.

On the right earpiece, the volume dial and mic on/off button are located, along with the mic itself. While the omnidirectional mic does lack flexibility – adjustable only up or down – it can be locked into the headset when not in use. There’s also a glowing white LED near the tip to show when the mic is active. We had no problems communicating to teammates while playing online – sound quality is remarkably clear.

The headband is adjustable – complete with a handy size gauge etched onto the plastic – and the use of brushed metal gives it a pleasing, luxury, finish. Adding to this, the padding is both soft and comfortable. It isn’t as bulky or heavy as it may seem – our play sessions tend to last over an hour, in which we experienced only mild discomfort with the padding around the 92mm speakers.

The padding does an excellent job at cancelling out background noise. We have a moderately large fan in our gaming room, the sound of which the VIP2002s was able to entirely drown out.

To test out the speaker sound quality we opted for a triple-threat of Resogun, Nex Machina, and Jeff Minter’s Polybius on PlayStation 4 – a trio of titles known for their distinctive new-age soundtracks with booming basslines.

In Polybius we were able to distinguish the subliminal speech samples, which are often muffed when playing without a headset, and we were also impressed with the deepness of the bass. The other games put under test also sounded excellent – very clear, again with booming explosions that sounded more amplified than usual. It should be noted that it’s wise to adjust the PS4’s volume in the settings menu – we found the default setting too low.  

Sadly, we were only able to test the VIP2002s on a PS4 as our sample model came equipped only with a USB connection. The product description mentions a splitter cable with a 3.5mm jack – allowing use on Xbox One and Switch – but this wasn’t supplied, with our model varying from that shown on EasySMX’s site. On a related, and more positive, note the USB connector comes with a dust cover, while all cabling is braided for extra durability.


Speaker Diameter: Φ40mm 

Operating Current :<70mA 

Operating Voltage: DC 5V±5% 

Speaker Sensitivity: 92dB±3dB 

Speaker Impedance: 32Ω±15%

Microphone Diameter: Φ4.0*1.5mm 

Microphone Impedance: ≤2.2KΩ 

Microphone Direction : Omnidirectional 

Microphone Sensitivity: -38±3dB

Indeed, it’s fair to say EasySMX is a company that understands the importance of ergonomic design, creating peripherals that are comfortable while remaining pleasing to the eye. Providing the lack of a 3.5mm jack was just an oversight (we reached out to EasySMX for clarification but received no reply), it’s another recommendation from us. The colour changing dials and the ability to stash the mic away are pleasing touches and the build quality is excellent, giving it an edge over similarity priced headsets.

Review sample provided by EasySMX

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