Augmented reality shenanigans – it’s the week in pictures

Reality Gaming Group this week set about promoting their augmented reality mobile combat game Reality Clash by revealing the top ten locations for playing the game. It’s mostly popular places in London – Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, Westfield Stratford, that sort of thing – so not exactly news.

But it’s a great excuse to dig out photos of what it looks like being played. In short: even odder than Pokemon Go.

It’s hard to tell what the game involves from the photos, of course. This trailer helps. Slightly.

Now, are you interested in awards that are only very, very, very tangentially related to games? Then good news: the 2019 David Dornfeld Manufacturing Vision Award has been handed out. It went to Sudhanshu Nahata of ASML US, for his Blue Sky Competition entry Computer Games as a Future of Manufacturing Education.

You can find that full presentation here, but to whet your appetite it, suggests the gamification of manufacturing education, and touches on such subjects as Fourier transformations, Minecraft and VR. But most importantly, here he is with his award:

ZJ Pei, PhD, FSME, Texas A&M University; Albert Wavering, FSME, NIST; Sudhanshu Nahata, PhD, ASML US; and Hitomi Yamaguchi, Dr. Eng., FSME, University of Florida

Well done!

Finally, headshot of the week goes to IGDA (International Game Developers Association) and their new executive director Renee Gittins.

Very strong. It was a close call though – Mark Ollivierre from Digital Extremes ran it close with that pizza effort. Pizza isn’t strictly games-related though, so Gittins has to take it.

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