Portable-only Nintendo Switch Lite revealed, due out 20th September

Nintendo has made the Switch Lite official, finally ending months of speculation.

The handheld-only system is aimed at gamers on the go, with no removable Joy-Cons, kickstand, or dock.

This means no TV support. However, as Joy-Cons can still be connected there is a workaround in place for games such as 1-2 Switch that utilise HD Rumble and IR Motion.

The 1280×720 captive touch screen has seen a slight reduction in size, going from 6.2in to 5.5in. This is to accommodate its small form factor – the regular Switch is 102mm x 239mm, whereas the Lite clocks in at 91mm x 208mm. 

As well as being both smaller and lighter – weighing in at 275g, over the original’s 297g – the system boasts a much-requested d-pad, and a moderately improved battery allowing for 4-6 hours of play (depending on software and usage).

The $199 handheld is due to launch 20th September (the same day as Link’s Awakening, incidentally) in three colours – grey, yellow, and turquoise. A Pokémon Sword and Shield-themed Zacian and Zamazenta edition will follow on 8th November, also available for $199. It doesn’t come with a copy of the game, however.

There’s no word on UK pricing yet. We’re hoping for £179.99, but £199.99 seems more likely in this topsy-turvy world. But at least it isn’t digital only, eh?

Matt Gander

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