Cavill’s behind! It’s the week in pictures

Henry Cavill’s behind was the big picture news this week, as Netflix started to tease their adaptation of The Witcher. Cue much productive* online discourse: fans of the games complaining about the lack of a second sword; fans of the books patiently* pointing out that it’s true to the book – which the series is based on; and plenty of optimism that it’s going to be great*.

[* – lies]

Meanwhile in the real world, Anime Expo 2019 has been taking place in Los Angeles. Mobile developer Yostar Games is there, and among the images of the event they’ve kindly shared is this one of members of the press playing something called Arknights sat awkwardly on the floor. The glamour!

Back to celebrities, and accessory brand Turtle Beach signed up a couple of NBA players, Kevin Porter Jr and PJ Washington. They’ll be working together “to produce content highlighting the power and benefits of using the highest-quality gaming equipment”. Those benefits presumably do not include making it more fun. So serious! Come on chaps, cheer up, gaming is supposed to be fun!

Finally, Katy Perry news: she’s back in mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Yes, not just in a Final Fantasy game, but back for a second time.

It’s to celebrate the game’s third anniversary, but the details don’t really matter. Well, not so much don’t matter, as don’t make any sense at all. Suffice it to say, ‘Immortal Flame Katy’ is available as a playable character for a limited time, and the original song ‘Immortal Flame’ is in there too.

This is a new character – it was ‘Popstar Katy’ before, in a red costume. The song isn’t new though – it featured in the promotional video below which was released in December. It’s an excellent watch, and only confuses matters further.

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