Monthly Archives: May 2019

Home Sweet Home

The titular homestead refers to the cosy abode belonging to Tim, the protagonist of this first-person horror adventure. It initially seems the house is somewhere peaceful to spend downtime between chapters, looking for scattered pages of his missing girlfriend’s diary while taking...
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Hellmut: The Badass from Hell

“The developers must be on drugs!” was a phrase uttered by many ‘80s and ‘90s journalists, usually when a game featured a nonsensical plot or an enemy assortment consisting of household objects and whatnot. During the early noughties, it was a phrase...
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Anarchy reigns in the UK

After enjoying three weeks at no.1 Sony’s Days Gone has succumbed to madness, dethroned by the anarchy-loving Rage 2. Coming as no surprise in this digital age, physical sales were only around a quarter of what its 2011 predecessor managed at launch...
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