Flutter Bombs is an insect-based twin stick shooter, available now on Xbox One

The Xbox One certainly isn’t short on twin-stick shooters. The latest to hit the digital store is different from most, however – it sees you controlling a bullet-spewing butterfly, engaging in garden warfare.

Flutter Bombs is available now for £16.74, and after giving the trial version a whirl, we can safely say like what we’ve seen. The controls are tight and responsive, destroying swarms of insects feels satisfying, and the fact that you have use “ammo” (nectar) sparingly prevents it from being brainless.

The power-ups also help to provide that all-important illusive sensation of being unstoppable, able to destroy everything in your path for a few fleeting seconds.

Collecting nectar replenishes ammo reverses, with bombs – used to kill spiders, mostly – requiring a hefty chunk. This forces you not only to constantly move around the map to gather nectar but also prioritise threats.

Visually it’s reasonably slick with some neat touches present, such as fish jumping out of the pond if you dare to fly too near. The general presentation is likewise decent, and in addition to the main campaign – which includes fire and ice worlds – there are also survival and boss rush modes.

We’ve uploaded footage from the first world below.

Hopefully, it has enough content to justify the slightly steep price tag. It’s a little too early for us to say for sure, but if you like what you see, download the trial for a taster.

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