Pikuniku, Atari Flashback Classics, The Raven Remastered, and the arcade classic Bomb Jack hit the Switch

The surprise launches of the outlandish sandbox sim Goat Simulator: The GOATY, 2D action-adventure Unruly Heroes, and the physics-based construction puzzler When Ski Lifts Go Wrong have made a busy week for the Switch eShop even busier.

These unexpected arrivals haven’t overshadowed Pikuniku though – reviews of this colourful, oddball, puzzle platformer went live earlier this week and were full of praise. GameSpot awarded it an 8/10, claiming that “Pikuniku is more gripping than its simple aesthetic and playful tone would suggest. It’ll make you feel like a kid again”.

After launching in the US just before Christmas, Atari Flashback Classics is now in the hands of European gamers. The compilation contains over 150 titles, making it one of the largest and most exhaustive retro collections around. Some critics felt that it was a case of Quantity over quality, but generally, the reception from US critics was positive. As for other retro re-releases, we’re on the receiving end of two classics – Bomb Jack, and Data East’s Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja.

They’re joined by THQ’s The Raven Remastered, a point and clicker set in 1960’s London. Despite originally launching in 2013, it seems that it’s a perfect fit for the Switch. GameSpew awarded it an 8/10, calling it “one of the best point and click style adventures available right now”.

Another adventure launching this week is My Memory of Us, set during WWII and voiced by Patrick Stewart. Scores are high for this too, even gaining a 9/10 from GameSpace. “My Memory Of Us is a fantastic blend of storytelling interwoven with enjoyable puzzles, intelligent stealth mechanics and refreshing cooperative player-controlled play,” they said.

The 3DS also gets a look-in, with an extended remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey. Scores for this one are high, but not quite glowing. Nintendo Life felt that Bowser Jr.’s Journey is just an ‘okay’ addition, while Hardcore Gamer noted of a few missed opportunities.

Here’s the full round-up of new releases, including an assortment of Switch demos.

New on 3DS eShop

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey – £34.99
Form an unlikely alliance with the King of the Koopas to defeat the villainous Fawful in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey, an enhanced remake of the gut-busting role-playing classic, only for Nintendo 3DS family systems!

New on Switch eShop

Atari Flashback Classics – £35.99
The most comprehensive collection of arcade and home console classics comes to the Nintendo Switch. Packed with 150 all-time favorites, rare gems, and unique homebrews, Atari® Flashback Classics is designed to take advantage of the Nintendo console’s special controls and functionality to bring new life to these iconic Atari games. With all-new achievements, leaderboards and social features bringing players together, combined with an amazing archive of classic artwork make Atari Flashback Classics the most complete Atari collection ever!

The Raven Remastered – £26.99
London, 1964. An ancient ruby is stolen from the British Museum. At the crime scene: a raven feather. Is somebody trying to follow in the footsteps of The Raven, the legendary master thief who disappeared years before?

In the distant future, #KILLALLZOMBIES is thrusting civilians into a sport of survival were a ravenous zombie population is unleashed in the name of sports entertainment.

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics – £19.99
Led by Eric ‘Badger’ Harris, your team of allied warriors must battle behind enemy lines in the midst of World War II. Outmanned, outgunned, and up against an evil of mythic proportions, the battle has only just begun.

Akihabara CRASH! 123STAGE+1 – £6.29
Don’t just destroy blocks, enjoy this evolution of Breakout!

At Sundown: Shots In The Dark – £17.99
At Sundown: Shots In The Dark is stealth driven, top-down multiplayer shooter in which up to 4 players compete in both online and local deathmatch. With a variety of cool weapons to take each other out with and multiple maps across 6 different zones, only the BEST will dominate each round and survive the ultimate challenge to rise to the top at sundown!

Asdivine Hearts II – £11.69
Picking up two years after the events of their first adventure, Zack and friends find themselves off on another quest, but this time to save the parallel world of Archelio, which is on the verge of being frozen in ice.

Arcade Archives BOMB JACK – £6.29
‘BOMB JACK’ is an action game that was released by Tehkan (Koei Tecmo Games) in 1984. Players control ‘Jack’, a superhero who can leap and glide, to collect all bombs in game stages.

Bad Dream: Coma – £8.99
The game is designed in the “action-reaction” way and there are no obvious choices. Beat the game once and then be curious “What if I would do it differently”. Sometimes it’s not so obvious but from time to time you’ll see huge differences. The smallest things can be the most rewarding.

Balance Blox – £2.69
In this game you have to drop blocks on the balance. Blocks affect the balance according to their distance from the bottom triangle.

Cursed Castilla – £12.59
The tears of a young witch have been turned into a key by a demon to open a gateway to hell. In Cursed Castilla, one takes the role of Don Ramiro, a knight appointed by King Alphonse VI, to fight and banish the evil invading the lands of Tolomera.

Forgotten Tales – Day of the Dead – £12.99
There is an old legend in Mexico that on “Dia de los Muertos” the Day of the Dead, the gates of heaven will open and the souls of our loved ones can visit the land of the living. That’s where the story of Manuel and Maria begins.

Fishing Universe Simulator – £8.99
Fishing Universe Simulator is a comprehensive fishing simulator which allows using various techniques, in different places around the world!

Doodle God: Evolution – £6.29
Doodle God: Evolution is a unique edition of the well-known game that includes not only the classic Doodle God, but Doodle Farm as well.

FutureGrind – £15.29
Grab your bike and hit the rails in FutureGrind, a stylish stunt-racer all about tricks, skill, and speed. Use your futuristic bike to chain together huge combos on tracks made of floating rails, but watch out: touch the wrong color and you’ll explode instantly!

Goat Simulator: The GOATY – £26.99
Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat your dreams have finally come true!

Heroes Trials – £5.99
After the banishing of the previous defender of your island, the community needs new heroes. The long training of siblings Elia and Zoel takes them to the last trials deciding who is the best fit to become the new local guardians. In the finals, they will have to compete against a sleazy couple and the clock to prove their worth. Rising to the top will not be an easy feat!

IHUGU – £3.59
The rules are refreshingly simple and designed to promote peace and positivity – hug everyone, but only once!

Inops – £9.99
Explore the shadowy Mine, twisty Jungle and extra-terrestrial Elect-City but be careful of lurking dangers. Escape traps, solve puzzles and dodge enemies using the Inops ability to split into many little creatures or join into one big Inop whenever you wish. Use the environment to your advantage by using unique intractable components whilst guiding the Inops simultaneously. Get to the end of each level and save as many Inops as you can to avoid being lonesome.

JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword – £8.99
One fateful night, when young Jack takes the beautiful Nara for a walk in the woods, his love is kidnapped by the villainous orc Korg. Forced to mount a rescue, Jack plunges into Korg’s underground base, where he happens upon a strange blade that becomes an unlikely ally.

Magic Nations – £2.69
Jump into the fantasy world of the Magic Nations card battle game. Grab your card deck and fight your opponents from all over the world.

LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds – £17.99
Welcome to Legrand, a beautifully hand-drawn world riddled with curious creatures, devastating wars, and intriguing tales of vengeance and redemption. Embark on an epic adventure through this sprawling fantasy universe and fight alongside the Fatebounds as they attempt bring peace to Legrand! But be careful who you trust because everyone has a secret to hide…

Johnny Turbo’s Arcade Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja – £7.07
Grab your club and get ready to go on a wild, prehistoric adventure with the Cavemen Ninjas – Joe & Mac!

Monkey Wall – £3.59
In this martial arts action/puzzle game, select a character as your avatar and start the rigorous training regime.

My Memory of Us – £13.49
Experience a story inspired by actual events from World War II from a perspective of two children and help them survive the times of absolute terror. With pure evil lurking around every corner, their friendship won’t be enough to stay alive, however, if they’ll combine their skills and cooperate, they may stand a chance.

Perry Pig Jump – £2.69
Meet Perry Pig – a friendly little piggy. Help him to jump into the sky and go on a fantastic adventure with him.

Swords & Soldiers – £6.79
Prepare for war on Swords & Soldiers’ side-scrolling battlefields. Build your forces, engage in a tug-of-war for gold and energy, and defeat your foes with a huge grin on your face!

Sleep Tight – £11.54
This unique twin-stick shooter, base-builder hybrid comes wrapped in blankets of nostalgia! Construct your strongest pillow fort during the day and defend your bedroom from endless hordes of monsters each night.

Pikuniku – £11.69
Pikuniku is an absurdly wonderful puzzle-exploration game that takes place in a strange but playful world where not everything is as happy as it seems. Help peculiar characters overcome struggles, uncover a deep state conspiracy, and start a fun little revolution in this delightful dystopian adventure!

Unruly Heroes – £17.99
The sacred scroll preserving harmony in our world has been torn up and scattered to the winds. Now, strange and terrifying creatures are sowing discord and chaos throughout the land.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong – £14.99
It’s time to get carried away with the deliriously fun, bloody physics-based construction puzzler packed full of creative challenges, sports and bloody disasters!

Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX – £8.09
Free Wonderland from the loving zombies’ plague! The world of fairy tales has been overrun by a plague of bizarre zombies that wander along surrounded by a lovely yet pungent smell. Back to his hometown after a long time, Momotaro (from the Japanese tale “The Peach Boy”) encounters these pests and finds himself forced to solve the issue.

New Switch demos

Tied Together
Timberman VS
Venture Towns
Woodle Tree Adventures

Next week: Wargroove, DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders, Thea: The Awakening, New Star Manager, Mages of Mystralia, Drowning, Fishing Star World Tour, Airheart – Tales of broken Wings, Necrosphere Deluxe, Stray Cat Doors, Piczle Colors, Zombie Night Terror, Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Two Crude Dudes, Gabbuchi, Bleep Bloop, BOMBFEST, and Downwell.

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