New Supervision fan site launches, and boy is it comprehensive

Brandon Cobb must be a Supervision super fan as they’ve just launched a new fan site dedicated to “the handheld of the less fortunate”. It’s a project fifteen years in the making, in fact.

The Supervision launched in 1992 as a low-cost alternative to the GameBoy. While it gained a fair amount of press attention – it was featured in video game magazines of the era and made routine appearances on gaming show Bad Influence – it eventually vanished without a trace. Its software catalogue was notoriously poor, lacking any third-party support or big-name titles whatsoever, and the screen was easily the of worst out of all ‘90s handhelds as fast moving objects were prone to blurring.

The Diskman hosted site is about as comprehensive as humanly possible, including scans of pack shots and box art, music files, and in-depth descriptions of all 66 games.

Where possible, Cobb has provided the ending screen of each game too, many of which feature amusing typos and mistranslations. Heck, even some of the game names raise a grin. This is the system that gave us such gems as Recycle Design, John Adventure and Linear Racing. That last one was a puzzle game, would you believe?

If you’ve never delved into the mystical, and occasionally baffling, world of the Supervision then here’s the perfect chance to become acquainted with the largely ignored handheld.

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