We haven’t seen a digital N64 re-release for a while, so it can only be good news to hear Acclaim’s early N64 tunnel shooter Forsaken is receiving an Xbox One remaster next week.

It’s available to pre-order now for £15.99.

Nightdive Studios are behind the re-release. Their recent Turok remasters went down rather well, praised for being handled with care, so we’re expecting a similar attentively put together package.

The features list mentions online play and new custom stages, along with split-screen play and a wealth of multiplayer modes. It’s Xbox One X enhanced too, boasting 4K visuals.

The N64 original (also released on PC and PSone) gained a cult following upon release, gaining favourable comparisons to Interplay’s Descent. Unlike Descent, however, it didn’t sell well enough to warrant a sequel.

We blame a botched marketing campaign – looking back at the differences in box art across all three regions, it’s clear Acclaim struggled to market a space shooter on consoles come 1998, resorting to using female models in the US.

It looks like Shadowman is the next N64 re-release on the agenda. We can also look forward to WARP/Acclaim’s horror adventure D: The Game receiving a digital dust off, although it may be some way off – Nightdive aren’t best known for speedy turnarounds.