Out this week: Jurassic World Evolution, Unravel Two, Super Bomberman R, more

EA’s Unravel Two launched last week. Bearing in mind it didn’t hit the digital stores until Sunday night though – and that this week is light on new releases due to E3 – we’re going to include it in this week’s round-up. Verdict? It’s good, but maybe a little unnecessary.

Fallout Shelter for PS4 and Switch, and the Prey add-on Mooncrash were E3’s remaining ‘surprise’ releases. The jury is still out on Mooncrash; Fallout Shelter meanwhile is worth a look. It’s addictive and isn’t too money grabbing. It probably suits the Switch rather well, we’d imagine.

The first Jurassic World movie launched alongside a LEGO tie-in. It’s a case of all change for the sequel – this time it arrives in cinemas alongside a new park building sim from Frontier. Most journalists were smitten by Jurassic World Evolution‘s PC version, dishing out a steady string of 8/10s. IGN was the only exception, disappointed by the lack of actual evolution and a curiously slow pace.

We’re still waiting on Super Bomberman R reviews, but we’d imagine they’ll fall in line with the Switch original – a mixture of 6s and 7s. The Switch version was panned due to being full-price despite being light on content. Sadly, Konami hasn’t seen fit to launch it as a budget title – it’s still £34.99 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Going back to movie tie-ins, LEGO The Incredibles is out in the US this week. European gamers have a few more weeks to wait. If only there was a way to change a digital store’s region…

New release showcase:

Jurassic World Evolution – PS4/XO/PC

8.0 – God is a Geek: “It’s quite slow to start and has a pretty harsh difficulty curve, but when everything clicks, it proves to be the best use of the Jurassic licence yet. Running a park isn’t easy, but incubating your first velociraptor makes it all worthwhile”

4/5 – GamesRadar: “Despite some opaque game mechanics and missing tutorials, turns out running a dinosaur park is brilliant fun and the best time sink you can play”

4.8 – IGN: “Sure, the dinosaurs look nice enough, but the process of unlocking new species is beyond tedious and actually running the business is shallow and quickly gets stale. It beats getting mauled by raptors, but after careful consideration, I’ve decided not to endorse this park”

Unravel Two – PS4/XO/PC

8.5 – IGN: “Unravel Two improves on the original in almost every respect, with better platforming and puzzles”

4/5 – Twinfinite: “There’s still not a whole lot of content here, and its additional Challenge levels will ultimately depend on if you’re desperate to put your skills to the test, but if you want to embark on another platforming adventure, you could do a lot worse than Unravel Two”

3/5 – Attack of the Fanboy: “Unravel isn’t a game that necessarily needed a second game in the franchise to solidify its legacy. The new ideas found in Unravel Two could have very well been a brand new franchise in itself as the inclusion of cooperative gameplay and challenge levels seems to have led to a lack of charm in this follow-up”

New digital multi-format releases:

Omega Strike
Prey: Mooncrash

New on PSN:

Fallout Shelter
Bit Dungeon Plus
Dark Legion – PSVR
Ranch Planet – PSVR
Dark Mystery
HIVE: Altenum Wars Special Edition

New on Xbox One store:

Neon Chrome Deluxe

New Nintendo retail releases:

Yoku’s Island Express
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Next week: Mario Tennis Aces, BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE, Sudden Strike 4 European Battlefields Edition, The Lost Child, Lords of the Fallen Complete Edition, Vegas Party, Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Flashback Collector’s Edition, Grab the Bottle, The Lost Child, Musynx, New Gundam Breaker, Battle Knights, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, Slime-san Superslime Edition, and Anima: Gate of Memories – The Nameless Chronicles.

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