Forgotten Xbox-exclusive Metal Wolf Chaos is making a comeback

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice wasn’t the only new From Software title to be revealed yesterday. Devolver Digital is also giving the 2004 Xbox-exclusive Metal Wolf Chaos a fresh coat of paint. Fans have long hankered for a new iteration, apparently.

A collaboration between From Software and General Arcade, the outlandish mech shooter – which sees a fictional US president battle enemies on American soil – is being “modernised” with improved visuals, retuned gameplay and new display modes.

The notoriously terrible voice overs are being retained however, and rightly so – they attributed to it gaining a cult following, with help from YouTube.

Despite featuring on an Official Xbox Magazine demo disk, the original Metal Wolf Chaos never left Japan. A small print run makes the Japanese release highly desirable these days, selling for as much as £200 on eBay.

Perhaps best of all though, Metal Wolf Chaos XD – due on PS4, Xbox One and PC – is due out this year. We shouldn’t have too long to wait.

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