New Retro Gamer comes with C64 goodies

Early in the magazine’s life, Retro Gamer often came with a CD-ROM filled with various homebrew games and ‘80s classics. But as the UK publication grew the cover CD was eventually dropped in favour of focusing attention elsewhere.

This month – thirteen years since the last Retro Gamer cover disc – a free CD once again graces the cover.

‘Retro Gamer Presents C64 Remix’ features a bevy of music courtesy of C64 Audio. Retro Gamer hasn’t detailed the full track listing (the issue isn’t due shops until 22nd March) but the slipcase mentions reimagined versions of Sanxion, Wizball, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, and more.

The CD is labelled ‘Volume 01’ which suggests we may see other cover discs in the future.

The C64 love doesn’t end there as issue #179 also comes with a double-sided poster featuring the breadbin itself and a smattering of artwork from the late Bob Wakelin.

Legendary mascot Pac-Man takes the cover meanwhile, with not one but two features on the yellow fellow inside – the story of Tod Frye’s Atari 2600 port, which made him an overnight millionaire, and an Ultimate Guide to the arcade classic Pac-Mania.

Images via @RetroGamer_Mag

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