Feel the 8-bit burn with Run Hundred’s new retro mix

If you promised yourself that 2018 will be the year you finally join a gym to burn off those love handles, then the following may be of interest.

Run Hundred has released a pair of workout mixes inspired by 8-bit music. After being handed a CD filled with 8-bit tunes, composer Chris Lawhorn found that the uplifting tempos came into their own when listened to during exercise.

“The characters in these games are models of fitness–constantly running, jumping, flying and so on. They seem to take such pleasure in moving around–doing it effortlessly and never tiring. To that end, it’s hard to hear these kinds of tunes and not feel some of that buoyant energy,” claimed Chris, discussing his inspiration.

8-Bit Mix I strives for retro authenticity, while 8-Bit Mix II throws in modern beats. Both can be had for $10, with all profits going to Run Hundred’s charity partners.

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