Another 14 titles arrive on Switch, including Yooka-Laylee, Romancing SaGa 2, and The End is Nigh

You’ll hopefully forgive us for not listing this week’s eShop discounts – over 250 games are currently on offer across Switch, 3DS and Wii U, just in time for the festive period.

Switch highlights include Rocket League (£11.28) and SteamWorld Dig 2 (£10.99), while on 3DS you’ll find SteamWorld Heist (£3.99) and Project X Zone 2 (£7.49). Wii U owners can grab Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for a bargain £4.99.

Yet again, it’s a pretty busy week for new Switch releases. Fourteen games are due, along with a demo of next week’s Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

Then on New 3DS there’s RCMADIAX’s BLOK DROP CHAOS (£1.39), while the Wii U receives three more TG-16 titles – Battle Lode Runner (£5.39), Bomberman ’93 (£5.39) and Lords of Thunder (£7.19).

Yooka-Laylee (£34.99) is arguably the biggest release of the week. We spoke of Playtonic’s platformer more highly than most other critics, awarding it a 9/10. Word has it that the Switch version runs incredibly well, suggesting it has been worth the wait.

Then we have a surprise release of the Square-Enix JRPG Romancing SaGa 2 (£15.99 until 8th Jan, £19.99 thereafter), the three-game-strong Mutant Mudds Collection (£10.99), and two belated Wii U conversions – 2D dungeon crawler Unepic (£8.99) and Plantera Deluxe (£4.99). The NeoGeo re-release for this week is the 2D brawler The Last Blade (£6.29), meanwhile.

Here’s what else you’ll find on the Switch this week:

Stern Pinball Arcade – Free to start
FarSight Studios throws in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to start your collection off, with additional licensed tables including Last Action Hero, Ghostbusters, and Starship Troopers.

Pinball FX3 – Free to start
Like the above, Pinball FX3 chucks in a free table to get you started. Right now, the Carnivals and Legends pack – containing two tables – is currently free as well.

Poly Bridge – £13.49
Unleash your engineering creativity with this physics-based bridge builder.

The End is Nigh – £13.49
This spiritual successor to Super Meat Boy is worth your time, gaining an 8/10 from Nintendo Life: “It’s a manageable challenge from start to finish, and a game that becomes more and more enjoyable as you slowly adapt to its seemingly unforgiving design.”

Gorogoa – £11.99
This hand-drawn elegant puzzler has gained critical acclaim too, including Eurogamer’s coveted ‘Essential’ tag. “Inspired and transporting, this is a game unlike any other,” was their verdict.

One More Dungeon – £6.99
Also out on PS4, this first-person roguelike dungeon crawler isn’t off the to best possible start, gaining a sloppy 4/10 from PlayStation Country.

Bleed – £13.49
Another belated conversion, but this one is more deserving of a Switch release – this acrobatic fast-paced 2D action-platformer gained a mixture of 7s and 8s on PS4 and Xbox One.

Hiragana Pixel Party – £6.99
A ‘rhythm-action platforming Japanese-learning chiptune adventure’ that teaches how to read Japanese Hiragana and Katakana characters.

Next week: Mario Party: The Top 100, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, FruitfFall Crush, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL, DragonFangZ – The Rose & Dungeon of Time, Crawl, Puzzle Box Maker, and Mom Hid My Game!

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