The Nintendo Switch gets DOOM, guy

It’s the busiest time of year for the gaming scene, and as such, more gaps in the Switch’s library are being filled. This week the system receives its first big-name shooter, meaning we can tick that box off the list. Sorry, Rogue Trooper Redux. You’re now surplus to requirement.

DOOM on Switch is pretty much what you’d expect – a scaled down conversion of the glorious grisly 2016 hit, running at a lower resolution and capped at 30fps. Reviews went live yesterday and were mostly full of praise, with few compromises of note. Destructoid dished out an 8/10, while IGN enjoyed it a tad more, opting for an 8.5. “Whatever ritual sacrifices had to be performed to fit Doom on Switch were worth it,” they said.

Sonic Forces (£34.99) is another big-name title hitting the Switch this week. While far from terrible (the Metacritic currently stands at 58%), it’s very dull and forgettable – two things we didn’t expect a Sonic game to be. Character customisation is the USP, with a wealth of new accessories for your animal avatar unlocking at the end of each stage. If that sounds a little weird, that’s because it is.

Then we have Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition (£37.99) and Ben 10 (£TBA), both of which are of uncertain quality. In fairness, Ben 10 looks more promising than the tie-ins that came before it…but that’s not saying much.

Snipperclips Plus – Cut it out, together! also receives new DLC this week, just in time for the retail release. 40 new stages are being added, including toy box and comic worlds.

In a predictable fashion, here’s a round-up of the week’s remaining Switch releases:

Also known as Street Slam, this 3-on-3 basketball game debuted in arcades back in 1994, before spawning a sequel – Hoops ’96.

Cat Quest – £9.99
Also launching on PS4 this week, Cat Quest is a colourful JRPG with real-time combat and a wealth of cat-puns. Fur real.

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern – £8.99
Face over 22 enemies in this grid-based dungeon crawler. Demo available.

Koi DX – £4.99
A “tranquil and mesmerising experience” involving a koi fish tasked with purifying polluted waters.

Maria The Witch – £4.49
This physics-based flying game has a whiff of mobile conversion about it, and not just because of the ‘3-star’ rating system.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch – £11.99
Another belated conversion, but one that’s welcome. You won’t find anything dafter than this.

Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX – £7.19
The Wii U version received a critical mauling, so abandon all hope of this providing some Super Off-Road style fun.

Spellspire – £8.99
10tons’ Switch conversion for this week is this Letter Quest-style word puzzler. We reviewed the PS4 version back in May.

Tallowmere – £6.29
A dungeon crawler of the 2D variety, complete with 4 player support.

UNO – £7.99
Hot on the heels of last week’s Monopoly comes this card game classic. With various modes, rules, emotes, and online play it doesn’t sound like a bad little package.

Over on Wii U meanwhile there’s the low budget top-down shooter Annihilation (£1.79) and the Turbografx boxing sim Digital Champ (£6.29), while the 3DS receives the permadeath FPS RTO (£7.99 – New 3DS only), retro platformer Hiding Out (£4.99) – which looks similar to Elevator Action – and the Kemco JPRG Bonds of the Skies (£8.99).

Next week: L.A. Noire, Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Pokémon Ultra Moon/Sun, and RiME.

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