Pokkén Tournament DX packs a punch on Switch

In the absence of a Virtual Console service for Switch, the Wii U continues to receive the occasional retro re-release or two. This week it’s the turn of Konami’s 2D shooter Detana Twin Bee (£6.29), an early entry in the Pop’n TwinBee series. Fun fact: it was given the name Bells & Whistles in the west.

The Wii U gets another shooter this week, in the form of Super Ultra Star Shooter (£1.79). The price tag definitely reflects the more than apparent low budget – it looks worryingly simplistic.

The same can also be said for RCMADIAX’s GUIDE THE GHOST! (£1.39) on 3DS. We had to do a double take when checking the screenshots for this one – it looks like it would be more at home on the Magnavox Odyssey. We aren’t even overexaggerating for comic effect – look for yourself.

After arriving on Switch last week procedurally generated platformer 36 Fragments of Midnight (£2.69) makes the jump to 3DS. Nintendo Life reports of a fleeting 15min competition time, which is a little hard to swallow even with the cheapy cheap price tag.

Onto bigger and better things we go. On Switch, two new fighting games are vying for your time and money. Reviewers claim that Pokkén Tournament DX (£49.99) is lacking in content but it’s a perfect fit for the Switch regardless due to its pick-up-and-play nature. The simple controls apparently transfer to JoyCon play perfectly. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (£54.99) has been tailored for the Switch too, gaining a host of new features such as wireless battles for up to six consoles.

Then we have a triple-whammy of NeoGeo Art of Fighting (£6.29), the anticipated SteamWorld Dig 2 (£14.99), and the SCUMM/LucasArts tribute adventure Thimbleweed Park (£14.99).

Reviews of SteamWorld Dig 2 are full of praise, resulting in a lofty 89% Metacritic. Nintendo Life awarded it 9/10, while Eurogamer felt it was worthy of their ‘recommended’ badge. As for Thimbleweed Park, plenty of good things have already been said – it went down a treat on the likes of Xbox One and PS4 a few months back.

Pokkén Tournament DX isn’t the only Pokemon game out this week – Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver (£8.99 each) get an eagerly awaited digital dust off on 3DS. Nintendo is giving them the code-in-a-box treatment, which will no doubt please collectors.

We’re pleased to report a few Switch games are currently on offer. Human Resource Machine, Little Inferno and World of Goo are all down to £7.64 each, while Puyo Puyo Tetris drops to £27.99.

As for 3DS discounts, highlights include Brave Tank Hero (£2.24), Gotcha Racing (£2.49), River City: Knights of Justice (£6.74), River City: Tokyo Rumble (£12.49), A-Train 3D: City Simulator (£9.99), and the recently released Chicken Wiggle (£8.99).

Despite decent reviews, Chicken Wiggle failed to ‘do the business’ on the eShop. Hopefully this price drop will change its fortune.

Next week: FIFA 18, One Piece Unlimited World Red – Deluxe Edition, YO-KAI WATCH 2: Psychic Specters, Arcade Archives Mario Bros, Physical Contact: Picture Place, and Conga Master Party!

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