Harvest Moon: Skytree Village hits 3DS this week while Bonk gets revenge on Wii U

When compiling this week’s new release round-up we were surprised to find very few reviews of Harvest Moon: Skytree Village online, despite it launching in the US over six months ago.

Destructoid’s review may give incite as to why. They awarded it a middling 5/10, suggesting Natsume likely kept it out of critic’s hands due to it being less-than-great. We’re speculating here, of course.


For those not aware, Skytree Village tinkers with the classic HM formula, adding numerous elements pilfered from Minecraft. “Once I had finished the main storyline, it became quite apparent to me just how empty this game is. Yeah, I was still able to get married and start a family, but there’s no exploration, festivals are a joke, villagers provide no source of entertainment, and upgrading my tools to their fullest potential took for-ev-er”, warned Dtoid.

We’d like to think the developers have spent the last few months improving things for this European release, but chances are they’ve simply added a few more language options. We haven’t heard otherwise, so be sure to wait for a few more reviews to surface before stumping up £29.99.

The 3DS sees another two releases on the eShop this week. Drone Fight (£3.99) is a colourful 3D racer offering CPU Battle and Time Attack modes, while Mysterious Stars 3D: Road To Idol (£6.29) is a puzzler involving dot-to-dot puzzles.


Things are even busier on Wii U, with four new releases due. A Drawing’s Journey (£6.29) is a point ‘n click adventure with a whiff of MS Paint about it, Armored ACORNs: Action Squirrel Squad (£6.29) offers four-player couched-based brawling, Preston Sterling and the Legend of Excalibur (£2.50) is belated conversion a largely ignored PC adventure game from 2016, while Bonk’s Revenge (£5.39) sees another Turbografx game added to Virtual Console. We like a bit of Bonk.

After a whirlwind month, things calm down a tad on Switch. Just two new releases, in fact. Specifically, the pixel art Asteroids-alike Astro Duel Deluxe (£12.59) – which has a focus on multiplayer – and ACA NeoGeo Last Resort (£6.29), a horizontal shooter from 1992. It never received a VC on Wii, making this the first time it has graced a Nintendo system.


The eShop also sees a couple of new demos – Blaster Master Zero on 3DS and Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes on Wii U.

Minecraft Wii U Edition and Minecraft Switch Edition receive new skin packs meanwhile, including familar faces from Adventure Time and Magic the Gathering.

As for discounts, a wealth of games from Joindots, Circle Entertainment and Lightwood Games are reduced on 3DS on Wii U. Numerous RCMADIAX titles for both Wii U and New 3DS also drop to 93p each. They’re on offer until 29th June, so plenty of time to sort the wheat from the chaff – RCMADIAX’s games tend to be hit and miss.

Next week: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Switch), Farming Simulator 18 (3DS) and GoNNER (Switch).

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