Twelve games hit the UK Nintendo eShop this week, but only one is for Switch

C-c-c-changes! Nintendo has chosen to move their UK eShop schedule to a Thursday, the day the eShop itself updates. The annoying thing about this, of course, is that it doesn’t give much of a heads-up about what’s around the corner. It also shakes up our site schedule up a tad, so look out for our eShop round-ups on a Thursday or Friday from now, instead of a Monday or Tuesday.

As our headline states, twelve games hit the UK Nintendo eShop this week, but only one is for Switch. That game is ACA NeoGeo King of Fighters ’94 (£6.29), a fan favourite. Incidentally, publisher Hamster recently patched their past Switch NeoGeo games, improving sound quality and such.


It’s easily the humble Wii U that has the most exciting line-up, including two Turbografx-16 titles: the Zelda-alike adventure Neutopia, and Dungeon Explorer, a five-player RPG. Both launched on the Wii VC years ago. If you purchased either back then, they can be had on Wii U at a special reduced price. Otherwise, they’ll set you back a modest £5.39 each.

They’re joined by the excellent vertical shooter Sky Force Anniversary (£7.19 until 23rd March) – which we awarded a 9/10 back in December – plus the 16-bit style arcade shooter A.C.E. – Alien Clean Up Elite (£4.49), and the two-player duly titled Breakout clone Double Breakout II (£6.00).


The New 3DS sees the bulk of the remaining releases, including the original Double Breakout (£6.00), abstract platformer 6180 the moon (£3.59), RCMADIAX’s FOUR BOMBS (£1.39) – which takes inspiration from good old Minesweeper – and DON’T CRASH GO (£1.39), which is also by RCMADIAX.


Then on the regular 3DS there’s the city building sim Frontier Days Founding Pioneers (£5.79) and the pixel fighter Kung Fu Fight (£1.99). The Wii U version wasn’t bad at all, apparently, gaining a 7/10 from Nintendo Life.

As for discounts, highlights include Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse (£24.49) and 7th Dragon III Code: VFD (£26.24) on 3DS, and Secret Files: Tunguska (£2.24) on Wii U.

Switch owners can also pre-download the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire demo from today, which is due to live next Friday. The UK times are a bit of a mess with one of Saturday’s hour-long sessions taking place at 3am, while another is at 4am on Sunday. Good job there’s plenty of time to stock up on coffee beforehand, eh?

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