Tank Troopers rolls out on 3DS this week

Three new eShop releases are due this week – one minor release for Wii U and two noteworthy ones for 3DS. New Zelda: Breath of the Wild 3DS themes may be of interest, too – The Open World and A New Adventure, as they’re known, hit the eShop on Thursday for £1.79 each.


On 3DS Nintendo’s Tank Troopers marches out for a modest £7.19. This cartoony tank battler offers customisable tanks, six-player online support and download play. Consider us intrigued – it looks surprisingly slick.

Dragon Ball Fusions (£34.99) meanwhile is due at both retail and on the eShop. This role-player allows fans to merge DBZ characters to create new fighting styles. Nintendo Life thought it was well put together, giving it 8/10. “Dragon Ball Fusions fuses fan service with an enjoyable story and battle system to create a fresh Dragon Ball video game experience, with the only blot being the sometimes tedious energy aquisition process,” they said.

Then on Wii U there’s I C REDD (£1.39), a tunnel based score-chaser from RCMADIAX. The low price and ‘all caps’ title probably gave that away.


As for discounts, Capcom has taken to social media to announce that Monster Hunter Generations is dropping to £26.76 until 2nd March. The rest of the 3DS’s discounts are comprised of the usual faces: Aqua Moto Racing 3D, Undead Bowling, Swords & Soldiers 3D, Football Up 3D, etc.

Wii U discounts fare better, including Soul Axiom (£4.79), Inside My Radio (£3.24), Scribble (£2.69), Hot Rod Racer (62p) and Double Breakout (£4). That last one sounds like a store-brand chocolate bar.

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