Poochy leads the way in this week’s UK eShop update

Conversions of Wii U games on 3DS haven’t gone down favourably in the past, with Nintendo fans preferring to play the likes of Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. on a home console.


Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World (£34.99 – out Friday) may fair better though, being a relatively straightforward 2D platformer.

Reviews are yet to go live, but a demo is available if you fancy taking it for a spin (dry).

Also keep a look out for the amiibo bundle, which comes with a woolly Poochy. Unless mistaken, Nintendo has no plans to sell the cuddly critter separately.

While Yoshi’s Woolly World is definitely this week’s major release, we aren’t without a few other games of note.

Hot on the heels of last week’s Castlevania Dracula X come another two retro classics from Konami – Bomberman ’94 and Gradius, this time for Wii U. They’ll set you back £6.29 each, unless you already own Bomberman ’94 on Wii – performing a system transfer will bestow a “special” upgrade price.


Nintendo Life reports that both iterations are from the TurboGrafx-16; a first for the Wii U VC.

Wii U owners still clinging to their console have another five new games to mull over. These include top-down retro shooter Shadow Archer (£2.69), bolstered PS4 conversion Koi DX (£3.89), simplistic looking auto-runner Star Splash: Shattered Star (£2.99), and two score-chasers from RCMADIAX – COLOR CUBES and BRICK RACE (£1.39 each).

Then on 3DS there’s Punch Club (£8.99) – a conversion of a very well-received PC management sim – plus Kemco’s tactial RPG Legna Tactica (£8.99), which we’re guessing is a mobile port.

These two are also joined by Lifespeed (£4.99) on New 3DS, a futuristic tunnel racer all the way from jaunty old Ireland.

Moving onto discounts, 3DS owners can pick up Power Disc Slam (£3.99), Alien on the run (£3.35), Splat The Difference (£3.60) and Crazy Construction (£3.99).


As for Wii U price cuts, the following are temporarily dropping in price from Thursday: Citadale (£2.24), Mortar Melon (£2.24), Plenty of Fishies (£2.24), Rorrim (£2.24), Pinball Breakout (£4), STEEL RIVALS (£4), Epic Dumpster Bear (£2.49) and a whole bunch of Runbow add-ons, with prices varying from 89p to £5.39.

Defense Dome (£1.39) and SDK Spriter (£8.99) on Wii U and Hyperlight EX (£4.59) on 3DS are all due permanent price drops, meanwhile.

This leaves us with a new skin pack for Minecraft: Wii U Edition. The ‘Villains Skin Pack’ is due Thursday for a mere £1.59. No doubt one of those shouty, outrageous, YouTube types will give it the review treatment.

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