Constructor joins Nintendo Switch launch day parade [Updated]

One titbit of news that eluded gaming sites yesterday is that System 3’s HD re-release of Constructor is heading to Nintendo Switch on launch day – 3rd March. In Europe, anyway. We have a feeling this one isn’t going to make it stateside, like the publisher’s own Putty Squad before it. Good job the Switch is region free, eh?


The game’s announcement marks the first time we’ve ever received a screenshot titled shite.jpeg. Classy.

The toilet humour doesn’t end there, for better or worse. Taken from the press release: “Using the Nintendo Switch, Constructor fans will be able to seamlessly take their construction empire with them, allowing players to build, sabotage, and cause construction chaos anywhere. Caught short and need to lay some pipe during Constructor? Undock your Nintendo Switch, take your place on the porcelain throne, and continue building your empire in uninterrupted comfort. Just remember to flush.”

For those too young to remember, Constructor – like the name suggests – entails running and managing a building company. It delves into the shadier side of things, with the ability to send thugs over to a rival building company’s turf, or become tangled in a criminal underworld. You can even send a group of maniacal clowns to terrify your enemy. How topical.

Over 5 million copies were sold on PC back in 1997, leading to a PSone release via Acclaim. Because Acclaim used to spend huge sums on marketing, adverts for it were everywhere – most people remember the garish CGI characters adorning the paging of gaming mags, if not the game itself.

It’s also due out 28th February on PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Unless it gets delayed again – it was originally due out later this month.

[Update] System 3’s Constructor Facebook page reports the Switch version will miss the system’s launch and is now due 28th April.

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