Lionel City Builder 3D on track for UK eShop release this week

We knew long ago that this winter wasn’t going to be a great one for the Wii U. We still expected to see a steady amount of new games on the eShop though, but it appears even that was too much to ask.

Last week there were no new Wii U eShop releases at all. This week? A virtual aquarium, and that’s out lot.


Aqua TV launches on Thursday for £3.99. Choose a tank, pick some fish, place a few decorations and…well, that appears to everything it entails. Unbelievably, it has some launch day DLC – the Oceanus, Thetis and Poseidon add-ons cost an extra £1.99 each. Strewth almighty.

We do at least have a handful of Wii U discounts to mull over. Nano Assault NEO, Totem Topple, Ascent of Kings, Jones on Fire and Queen’s Garden are all lined up for a price cut, with Jones on Fire dropping to a mere 87p and the recommended Nano Assault NEO available for £6.74 until 8th December. Defense Dome meanwhile gets a permanent discount, dropping to £1.79 (previously £2.29).

Over on 3DS there’s Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails (£4.49) which may be of interest to some. Like the name suggests, it’s a train simulator. This one lets you create your own towns and has a story mode which involves rebuilding and reuniting a broken society. Think along the likes of ’90s classics Transport Tycoon and Railroad Tycoon and you’ll get the gist. Providing you’re old enough to remember said games, anyway.


Nintendo Life gave the US version 7/10 earlier this year. “All in all, Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails is a well done train sim game that manages to make the experience of driving a train somewhat enjoyable” they said.

The 3DS also gets a demo of Deep Silver’s 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. Published by SEGA in other parts of the world, the JRPG is due in December. It appears there’s no solid release date.

As for 3DS discounts, highlights include Alien on the Run (£3.14), Aqua Moto Racing 3D (£5.39) and Crazy Construction (£3.74). We don’t believe Alien on the Run – a comical Japanese action platformer – has been discounted before. Apparently it’s quite good.

We can safely say that next week won’t be as dull as the past fortnight – Pokemon Sun and Moon look set to take ‘Pokemon fever’ to a whole new level.

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