F-Zero X heads to Wii U while Mario’s Super Picross graces New 3DS

After a couple of weeks of well-timed horror games and “spooky” Halloween discounts, things are back to normal on the UK eShop this week. That means Virtual Console releases are back on the agenda. Hurrah!


The Wii U gets the N64’s legendary F-ZERO X for £8.99 while the once import-only Mario’s Super Picross (£7.19) hits the New 3DS.

For uninformed, Picross entails chiselling away a grid to eventually create a picture. Here, Mario loses time for every mistake made in the main mode. Mistakes aren’t shown in the tougher ‘Wario Mode’ however, which is bound to put Picross veterans through their paces. As Nintendo Life noted, it’s likely to be tricky to play without stylus support – you may be better off with one of the 3DS’s Picross games.

Those with a retro itch to scratch may also be interested in the SEGA 3D Classics Collection. £24.99 gets you 3D revamps of Power Drift, Puyo Puyo 2, Maze Walker, Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa, Fantazy Zone II W, Sonic The Hedgehog, Thunder Blade, Galaxy Force II and (shudder) Altered Beast.

American gamers received this collection back in April. Reviews scores were mixed on arrival as critics found that some games had aged better than others.

We may as well stick new 3DS games, as the handheld gets a few other new releases this week. These include 2D side-scrolling brawler Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (£19.99), 2D puzzler Collide-a-Ball (£1.99), ambitious looking open-world horror adventure Ice Station Z (£2.99) and Kemco’s 16-bit style RPG Unlucky Mage (£8.99). You can find screenshots of that last one here.

The Wii U sees a trio of new games, too. Pinball Breakout (£6.00) does what the title suggests and combines pinball with Breakout, Gravity+ (£5.89) entails manoeuvring a robot through 2D mazes, while the Kickstarter-backed Twisted Fusion (£4.00) is a rather tidy looking 2D platformer.

Both Wii U and 3DS also get the Hyrule Warriors: A Link Between Worlds Pack. This can be had for £4.49 on Wii U or £6.29 on 3DS. Or £8.09 on both formats.

As for discounts, highlights include Gear Gauntlet (£3.99), Joe’s Diner (£4.79) and Suspension Railroad Simulator (£4.79) on Wii U, while Funfair Party Games and Jewel Match 3 fall to £3.99 each on 3DS.

We don’t usually cover new 3DS themes, but this week is different – Sonic and chums are being turned into stuffed toys for a new ‘Cute Style’ range. These will set you back £1.79 each. ‘Sonic’ and ‘cute’ in the same sentence? Well we never.

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