Bad news for parents – Skylanders Imaginators has microtransactions

Parents may want to consider putting their bank cards in a safe place. Product listings for Skylanders Imaginators went live on the Xbox One store and PSN today, revealing that it features microtransactions. Is nothing sacred any more?

Although the majority of AAA games feature IAPs nowadays, Activision’s decision to include them in a ‘Toys to Life’ product aimed squarely at children comes across as rather cheeky.

Stories of children ringing up huge sums on IAPs without parents knowing are all too common, and so it’s doubtful we’re alone in feeling cynical about their inclusion.


IAP prices start at £1.69 for a Copper Chest, rising to £7.99 for a Platinum Chest. The item description informs that chests include a number of rare, epic and ultimate creation pieces, and that due to their randomised nature some may be duplicates.

As noted in our weekly new release round-up, Skylanders Imaginations seems less exciting than previous entries with this year’s gimmick simply being the ability to create custom characters. That said, the core experience is likely to be pretty decent – there hasn’t been a bad Skylanders game yet.

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