It’s slime time – Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past hits 3DS this week

Although the Wii U sees six new indie releases this week, the 3DS still manages to steal the limelight in this week’s UK eShop line-up.

This is due to the arrival of two significant releases – Square-Enix’s rebuilt role-player Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past (£34.99 with free theme) and the New 3DS’s Futuridium EP Deluxe (£5.99 until 22nd September, £7.99 thereafter).


What’s Futuridium, you ask? Think along the lines of a super trippy take on Star War’s infamous Death Star trench run scene. As well as the temporary discount, it’s also free to those who already own it on Wii U. Moreover, the Wii U version is due a price cut to £5.99 from Thursday. Bonus!

Reviews of Dragon Quest VII haven’t gone live yet, but with a bit of luck they’ll be online by the time we come to pen our multi-format new release round-up. We will however point out that it can be found for less than £34.99 in physical form – it’s currently £28 to pre-order from Amazon.

The 3DS gets one other new title – Splat the Difference (£4.50), which put a messy twist on good old spot the difference. Four players can partake using just one copy of the game.

Three of the games gracing Wii U are making the jump from Xbox One – top-down racer Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing (£4.45 until 22nd September, £7.19 thereafter), 2D puzzler Gear Gauntlet (£7.99) and the rather blatant Alleyway/Breakout/Arkanoid clone Brick Breaker (£4.49). Gear Gauntlet may be worthy of your time, gaining a few 7/10 reviews upon release. The other two? Mediocre at best.

They’re joined by the rather sterile looking match-three puzzler Aenigma Os (£4.99), jaunty rhythm action thing MikroGame: Rotator (£1.89) and the retro throwback SHOOTY SPACE (£2.69).

There’s a new Wii U VC release this week, too – the DS’s Metroid Prime: Hunters (£8.99). An early release for the handheld, and intended to show off the system’s 3D capabilities, it gained recent reviews at launch but quickly faded into obscurity.

We’ll be honest with you – we aren’t sure how it’ll one will fare nowadays, especially on non-native hardware.

The week’s discounts are a tad better than what we’ve been presented with recently, with highlights including SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson (£14.99), Chronus Arc (£4.49), Citizens of Earth (£4.00 – both 3DS and Wii U), Master Reboot (£3.99) and Tachyon Project (£4.49).

Yo-Kai Watch on 3DS also looks set to receive a price drop until 1st October, but Nintendo’s press release fails to disclose a price. Keep an eye on the eShop if you’re curious, but don’t expect to see a hefty cut – Nintendo doesn’t do rock bottom prices.

Matt Gander

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