Alien on the Run and Stickman Super Athletics leap onto 3DS this week

Does anybody look forward to the weekly eShop announcements? If so, you may want to curb your enthusiasm for this round-up – the 3DS gets two new indies, while the Wii U sees discounts on a slew of Zen Pinball 2 packs and tables.

Aside a few Hello Kitty and Pokemon 3DS themes, that’s about all this week has to offer.

Those two new 3DS releases are of note, however. Madcap platformer Alien on the Run – which sees a yellow alien attempting to escape his captors – launched in the US around two years ago and was met with decent reviews, including 8/10s from both Nintendo Life and Pocket Gamer. “With intuitive controls and quick portable-friendly stages, Alien on the Run is a title you’ll have trouble putting down” said the former.

If you’re in two minds as to whether it’s worth the mere £4.19 asking price, then you’re in luck – a demo will be available from Thursday.

Stickman Super Athletics is cheaper still – £2.25 until 22nd August (£2.69 thereafter).

Presumably to tie-in with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which starts this Saturday, it features 8 different events entailing either button bashing and screen-swiping. Online leaderboards appear to be a no-go, but at just over £2 it’s excusable.

The only other thing of note occurring on the 3DS eShop is the mediocre Goosebumps: The Game dropping to £14.99 permanently.

From the looks of things, every Wii U Zen Pinball 2 add-on is due a drop. This includes Star Wars Pinball (£3.99), Zen Pinball 2: Fantastic Four Table (£1.19), Zen Pinball 2: Plants vs. Zombies Table (£1.19), Zen Pinball 2: Deadpool Table (£1.19), Zen Pinball 2: Guardians of the Galaxy Table (£1.19), Zen Pinball 2: The Walking Dead Table (£1.19), Zen Pinball 2: South Park Pinball (£1.99) and a few other Marvel licensed tables.

RCMADIAX’s back catalogue temporarily goes down in price too, with prices starting at 85p for the likes of Block Drop U, while Nano Assault Neo falls to £6.70 and Ascent of Kings gets a drop to £1.11.

As mentioned before, we’re quite fond of Nano Assault Neo.

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