Forgotten Wii gem ‘A Shadow’s Tale’ cast back into the limelight

We haven’t seen a great deal of Virtual Console games lately, save for the odd New 3DS SNES re-release here and there. This week makes up for that – Hudson Soft’s A Shadow’s Tale (aka Lost in Shadow) has been granted a rather unexpected Wii U eShop re-release.

A game popular with collectors, this Wii platformer from 2010 is known to sell for as much as £50 on eBay. At £17.99 for the new digital version, it proves to be a far cheaper option.

Reviews were generally favourable upon release, including 7.5s from both IGN and GameInformer. “Shadow is absolutely a solid experience, albeit one that has some darkness of its own” said the former.

The rest of this week’s Wii U releases are significantly cheaper. The colourful auto-runner Buddy & Me: Dream Edition launches for £3.89 this Thursday alongside 2D Egyptian puzzler Defend Your Crypt (£2.69), Atari 2600 Combat clone Toon Tanks (£1.79), the top-down Hot Rod Racer (£2.69), and good old Jewel Quest (£3.49).

Then on 3DS there’s the rogue-like Adventure Bar Story spin-off Adventure Labyrinth Story (£4.50), the cutesy Ninja Smasher! (£2.93) and Defend Your Crypt again (£2.69).

The New 3DS meanwhile gets Wind-up Knight 2 (£4.00), a runner that arrived to a lukewarm reception on Wii U. We have a feeling that it may fare better on handheld, being a better fit and all.


Both Wii U and 3DS get a couple of demos, too – Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Kirby: Planet Robobot. We’ve barely heard a bad word about Planet Robobot, so it’s pleasing that more people will get a chance to savour its delights.

After last week’s surprisingly decent assortment of discounts, mostly courtesy of Curve Digital, we’re back to yet another tedious selection. Say “hello!” once again to Aqua Moto Racing 3D (£3.59), Glory of Generals (£3.59) and European Conqueror 3D (£2.39). No Wii U discounts this week, oddly.

Matt Gander

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