And Kiddy makes three – Donkey Kong Country 3 swings onto New 3DS this week

The pickings are mighty slim on the UK Nintendo eShop this week. We can at least vouch for the quality of the two – yes, two – new releases due on Thursday, rather than taking a wild guess.

On New 3DS Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble swings onto Virtual Console. A late release for the Super Nintendo, intended to keep the 16-bit system ticking over until the N64 arrived, it’s one that arguably only hardcore Nintendo fans sampled when it was initially released. A lot of gamers were forced to sell their 16-bit consoles in order to offset the cost of a 32-bit system – when DKC3 arrived in 1996 the PSone and Saturn had already passed their first year milestones, and were quickly amassing catalogues of quality software.

While DKC3 didn’t quite have the same impact as the original, it’s still a very good game and a strong contender for being one of the SNES’s best looking titles. This re-release launches with a discount, too – £4.99 until 9th June. £7.19 thereafter.


On Wii U meanwhile there’s Kick & Fennick, a puzzle platformer first released on PS Vita. It entails a small boy teaming up with a broken robot to find a new power core for his newly discovered pal, avoiding hazards and beating bosses along the way. The PS Vita version arrived to good – but not great – reviews, including 7.7 from IGN. A temperamental save system was highlighted as one of the major faults. Hopefully that’s rectified here.

Before rattling off the week’s discounts, we have two new pieces of Fire Emblem Fates DLC to cover. In Map 4: Ghostly Gold a good deed turns sour, but our heroes are eventually rewarded for their generosity. Then in Map 5: Museum Melee a collection of antique armaments are up for grabs…but only if your team can beat the other challengers. Both packs are set to cost £2.29.

Those discounts, then. On Wii U the very good Art Of Balance tumbles to £5.36. Other discounts include Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX (£2.69), 99Seconds (£1.34), Darts Up (£1.34), Jones on Fire (£2.29), Queen’s Garden (£4.39), Epic Dumpster Bear (£3.49) and Puzzle Monkeys (£1.49).

3DS games from EnjoyUp and Joindots are reduced too, plus Toy Stunt Bike (£1.99), The Magic Hammer (£1.99) and Battleminer (£2.99). Glory of Generals also sees a permanent price drop, from £7.99 to £6.09. Do try to contain your excitement.

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