eShop update: Fire Emblem Fates sets 3DS ablaze while Mario invades Minecraft

We’ve seen a fair few modest hits on the eShop over the past couple of months. Pocket Card Jockey is currently delighting open-minded gamers up for something slightly different, Yo-Kai Watch appears to be going down a treat – and consequently remains in the UK chart this week – while last week saw the ever-popular Super Meat Boy finally grace a Nintendo platform.

We’re enjoying Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge too. Well, what little of it we can play anyway – our Wario amiibo only allows access to a handful of levels. Wah!

While this week isn’t the busiest of recent times for the eShop, there are a couple of significantly big hitters.

On Wednesday Minecraft: Wii U Edition sees the release of the free The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack, which adds 40 Super Mario-themed skins – including Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, Bowser, Wario and all seven Koopalings – plus new textures and 15 pieces of music from Super Mario 64. It’s bound to increase sales of Minecraft: Wii U Edition tenfold, and we’re already looking forward to seeing what players will create. A phallic iteration of Princess Peach’s castle, no doubt.

The Wii U also sees an incredibly belated release of PixelJunk Monsters HD (£6.99) – the original released on PS3 almost nine years ago. Wii U owners shouldn’t feel too put out as this tower-defence shooter didn’t make it onto PS Vita until 2013 either. We imagine this version retains some of the PS Vita’s touch-screen controls.


That’s it for Wii U releases this week, a £2.50 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Pack for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers aside. The 3DS sees the same pack, incidentally, albeit it for £1.69.

Also on 3DS: Digger Dan DX – which arrives at an introductory price of 89p – and an upgraded version of the paper-based tile puzzler KAMI (£2.39). Digger Dan DX isn’t an entirely new game either, being an improved version of the DSi’s Digger Dan & Kaboom.

Chances are 3DS owners are saving their money (and spare time) for Fire Emblem Fates Birthright / Conquest instead. The eShop price has been announced as £39.99. A second version can then be purchased for £17.99, should you want to explore and see both sides of the story.


Nintendo Life handed out a resounding 9/10 for the US version of Fates back in February. “Fire Emblem may have found itself in a strange spot after the success of Awakening, but Intelligent Systems has found a way forward. Actually, two ways – Fire Emblem Fates does a remarkable job delivering what newcomers and long-time players both could possibly want out of this series” they said.

Fates also receives a free piece of DLC on launch day (20th May) – subtitled Before Awakening – along with the £16.19 Map Pack 1.

As always, we’ll end with the week’s discounts. Four games are due a drop on Wii U: Joe’s Diner (£4.79), Suspension Railroad Simulator (£5.39), Defense Dome (£1.53) and SDK Paint (£2.99). According to Amazon Joe’s Diner is due a physical release via UIG Entertainment later in the year, along with Lucius and horror adventure Pinewood Drive. Some dubious looking farming games, too.

3DS discounts meanwhile include Nano Assault EX (£6.35), Garfield Kart (£7.99), Tiny Games – Knights & Dragons (£1.69), Petit Novel Series – Harvest December (£6.39) and Paddington: Adventures in London (£7.99). Belgian cartoon tie-in Lucky Luke & The Daltons might be discounted to £7.99 as well – we aren’t entirely sure if this one received a UK release.

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