Born Grippy – Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard hit the eShop with a discount

Bloody typical – you wait ten years for a new Star Fox game, only for two to turn up at once. Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard both launch on the eShop this Friday with a small discount in place.

Star Fox Zero’s regular price is £39.99 but can be had for £36.99 if Star Fox Guard purchased on the same Wii U. The price of Star Fox Guard – which started out as the E3 tech demo Project Guard – has been set at £12.99, or £9.99 to those who purchase Zero. So £46.99 for both. Only the first print edition – currently £49.99 at GAME – includes Guard, so that discount is decent enough. Or at least, is more than sufficient given digital pricing standards.

In celebration of the game(s) release, a Star Fox anime short – subtitled Battle Begins – launches 20th April. Here’s the teaser:

We’ll post a Star Fox Zero review round-up once scores go live. Expect it to arrive to a mixed reception – the motion controls can’t be entirely disabled, and we all know how much critics hate giving something a fair chance.

For some unknown reason, a duo of Mario Party games are due via Wii U Virtual Console too. They are 2007’s Mario Party DS and 1999/2000’s Mario Party 2, at £8.99 each. Did You Know Gaming? took a look at the series over the weekend. Their informative video is well worth 7 minutes of your time. We’d completely forgotten about Mario Party 8 using the word ‘spastic’.

The only other new Wii U release for this week is the rose garden simulator Queens Garden (£5.49). “You will cultivate a sea of bloom; fill the air with the breath of roses, from barren land to blossom – a sweet bouquet to royal noses” reads the blurb.

Pocket Card Jockey

Over on 3DS the delightfully offbeat Pocket Card Jockey receives a demo. Solitaire-based horse racing – now there’s an idea only Nintendo could ever pull off. That’s being joined by Dan McFox: Head Hunter, which is essentially children’s board game Guess Who with a few digital bells on, and the JRPG Langrisser Re:Incarnation-TENSEI- (£28.00). Part of the Growlanser series, Langrisser Re:Incarnation received a mauling from Japanese fans upon release. Dated visuals and poor enemy AI seem to be the main problems in a game that’s allegedly riddled with faults.

Keeping with the JRPG theme, one of the few 3DS discounts of note is Shin Megami Tensei IV dropping to £8.99 from Thursday. It’s the only 3DS discount of note, in fact.

Wii U deals are a tad better – Shovel Knight (£8.66), Never Alone (£3.24), Shadow Puppeteer (£9.00), Family Tennis SP (£2.99) and Jones on Fire (£2.29). Shovel Knight has been a huge success for Yacht Club Games, with sales exceeding 1.2m. If you haven’t played the pixel art platformer yet, here’s your chance to get it cheap.

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