1993 Space Machine – made in 1993, released in 2016

System 3’s Putty Squad isn’t the only long lost Amiga game to finally gain a release years after going AWOL. Scrolling shooter 1993 Space Machine – which was planned for release on Amiga 500 back in 1993, funnily enough – made it onto Steam earlier today.

Originally developed by four Swedish teenagers, the R-Type influenced shooter was previewed in such magazines as Amiga Format and Commodore User. A publishing deal had even been signed. Due to “teenage drama” though the team split just before completion.

22 years later, one of the original team members came across the 3.5 floppy the shooter was saved on. Luckily for them, the disc still worked. After a short spell on Steam Greenlight, it has now gained a full release.

A temporary 10% discount is in place – it’s £8.99 until 4th April. Almost as cheap as a Kixx budget game.

So far reviews on Steam have been positive, confirming what we knew already; it’s a bona fide early ‘90s Amiga shooter, and all that it entails.

“1993 was made in 1993. It is not made to look retro. It is not polished for today’s tech – this is the genuine thing!” reads the blurb.

According to 1993 Space Machine‘s official site an Xbox version is “in the works” although it’s not clear if the team are refering to Xbox One or the aging Xbox 360.

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