Final blow delivered to Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training

After languishing on release schedules for what seems an eternity, Nintendo has seemingly decided not to release Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can you stay focused? in the UK.


Our pre-order at Tesco Direct (which we’d forgotten all about, somewhat ironically) was cancelled earlier today due to “the supplier no longer publishing the game”.

Presumably, this means it won’t be released the rest of Europe either.

Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training – known as Brain Age: Concentration Training in North America – was originally due for release in April 2013 but was then delayed to “optimise the best possible launch timing of this title within the European market.”


It was expected to launch towards the end of 2013, but a new release date was never confirmed.

We can only speculate as to why it’ll never grace our shores. Chances are though that Nintendo either doesn’t see it suitable for release in Europe, or believes it won’t appeal to the current 3DS demographic.

Maybe if Nintendo hadn’t let the casual market slip through their fingers, it would still be a viable release.

Curiously, the game’s overview is still showing on Nintendo UK’s website with the release date remaining as ‘TBD’.

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