Xbox One owners – remember to grab Killer Instinct Classic, too

Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition is amongst the Xbox’s Games with Gold titles this for month, giving access to all eight Season 1 characters, a bunch of accessories and a playable version of Killer Instinct Classic.

The reason for this blog post is because Killer Instinct Classic is a separate download which, at the time of typing, isn’t showing within the dashboard’s Games with Gold section. As such, there’s a chance it might be overlooked by some – we had to manually search for it after realising it isn’t automatically downloaded.

Although the overall presentation is far from flamboyant, Killer Instinct Classic is well worth a download. It features two versions of the 1994 arcade hit (version 1.5D fixed a few “fan favourite” glitches and exploits), plus achievements, online play, sprite animation catalogues and a new training mode.

As mentioned in our Rare Replay review, we were rather disappointed that only the shoddy N64 version of Killer Instinct was present. Those who felt the same way shouldn’t hesitate to add Killer Instinct Classic to their download queue.

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