Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Witness review round-up

We don’t usually compile review round-ups of indie titles, but The Witness is far from being usual – Braid creator Jonathan Blow announced this island-set puzzler in 2009, and has been slogging away on it since. That’s a six and a half...
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ZHEROS – Review

When playing through this month’s Xbox One freebie, all we could think about was what it could have been rather than simply enjoying what’s on offer. Over time even the minor irritations – of which there are many – started to frustrate...
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Hardware: Rivals – Review

Even indie titles feature at least one unique selling point these days; a certain something that makes them standout from the crowd, or (allegedly) gives them the edge over similar titles. Hardware: Rivals’ biggest failing is its archaic design, failing to provide...
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