Out this week: Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 4, FantaVision and more

Christmas is but days away, yet the new releases keep on coming. This little lot below could very well be the final releases of 2015 as we’re sure the digital services go into ‘sleep mode’ over the festive season, save for the digital Christmas sales and whatnot.

On PSN there’s avian romance adventure Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star (£7.99 with Cross-Buy support), which is described as “a remastered sequel to everyone’s favorite bird dating sim”.

“While we would have loved to create an all-new franchise with our friends at Mediatonic, investing $350,000 in bird motion capture gear limits our options,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker.

That’s being joined by a PS4 re-release of FantaVision (£7.99), one of the PlayStation 2’s few launch day highlights. For those unaware, it’s a puzzle game that involves matching up fireworks of certain colours and detonating them before they fizzle out. Many hoped for a sequel or handheld version, but alas, such a thing never happened.

The PS4 also gets The Treasures of Montezuma 4 (£3.99), which is yet another match-three puzzler. Stick with the FTP Gems of War, a game that we never got round to reviewing despite it being pretty good. Never Alone (£11.99) also makes a belated PS3 appearance while Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires heads to PS Vita (£32.99).

It appears that there’s nothing planned for Xbox One this week apart from a few game bundles, most of which are on offer currently. The Escapists Holiday Bundle – including the Santa’s Sweatshop DLC – for £7.50 (down from £14.99) seems a good deal. Bundling Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare with FIFA 16 meanwhile just seems…odd. There’s also a Zoo Tycoon & ScreamRide Fun Pack which dropped to a tenner on Tuesday night, only to shoot up to £23.99 a couple of hours later. Presumably that was the wrong price.

This leaves us with the multi-format Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place. Reviews are starting to surface online, including 10/10 from Gamer Headquarters. “This is the type of experience that I expect from Telltale Games and they brought it with action and emotion” they said.

Telltale has been releasing Minecraft: Story Mode’s episodes at a fast rate due to the physical release launching the same time as the first episode. It’s a bit of a backwards way of doing things (Telltale’s physical releases usually arrive months after a series’ final episode) but it’s a gamble that has paid off – Minecraft: Story Mode sits at #5 in this year’s Christmas chart and also tops both the Xbox 360 and PS3 charts.

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