Rock Zombie and Super Party Sports: Football launch on Xbox One today

Our desire to compile a comprehensive weekly new release round-up would be easier if Microsoft provided a release list. Case point: Rock Zombie and Super Party Sports: Football stealth launched on Xbox One today.

Both are conversions. Grizzly scrolling brawler Rock Zombie was one of EnjoyUp’s better Wii U eShop titles, although that really isn’t saying much considering their games tend to be middling at best.

Having watched some footage it’s evident that wooden animation and a tedious rock soundtrack are notable downfalls. Some may however find its retro-esque nature appealing.

The price may lure some in too – it’s currently £5.11 with Gold (£6.39 otherwise).


2D physics-based puzzler Super Party Sports: Football meanwhile is a mobile conversion from Handy Games. Price is currently unknown (looks like it hasn’t gone ‘live’ yet) but we imagine it’ll be dirt cheap seeing it’s a mere £1.49 on iTunes.

Users reviews on Google Play are mostly positive but how it fares on Xbox One remains to be seen. The fact that ‘Rio Samba party sounds’ is listed as a notable feature is rather worrying. Still, better that than a vuvuzela.

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